Monday, November 8, 2010

Let the Madness Begin

30 for 30 is officially underway. For a list of all the participants visit here. Also be sure and check out the Flickr Group. It's only Monday, and I've already had my first brush with temptation. I had to go into Target to buy a tripod (to take all my outfit photos!). I kept my eyes straight ahead, marched right past the clothing section, and due to my steely resolve made it out of the store with the one item I came in for. Trust me. I will not be putting myself in many other tempting situations this month.

Closet before. In this pic, I've already removed my 30 for 30 items. It's sad to say, but this is about 1/10 of the clothing I own. I have a serious problem and this month is much needed anti-retail therapy.

All my clothes have been moved to another location and now my closet only holds my 30 for 30 items (plus some shoes, but they were never much of a temptation to me.) The clothing certainly has more breathing room.

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