Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 of 30

Day 3 and I'm already making a list of possible purchases after the 30 days are up. At this rate, it could be a pretty long list by then. I will persevere and make it until the end of this challenge.

Outfit 3

Day 3. Errands, grading student assignments, etc.
Stripe Top - J.Crew
Navy Ruffle Top - Gap
Skinny Jeans - Banana Republic
Flats - Banana Republic
Turquoise Earrings - Crafts Person in Mexico
Gold Necklace - Vintage, $0.25 at a yard sale!
Watch - Skagen
Bracelet - Vintage (on loan from cousin)
Belt - Vintage (Antique Mall)

Outfit Chart

As I'm thinking of outfits to wear, certain combinations are striking me as "good" ones that I should save for days when I have something "important" to do, meaning days when I'm not just hanging around my apartment or running errands. I needed to be able to make up some cute, stylish outfits for just chilling. Enter outfit chart as seen above. I started out by writing down all the shirts I picked. Then for each one, I wrote down which bottoms it would work with. Just doing this gave me over 60 combinations, and that's not even factoring in dresses or jackets. I think I'm good needless to say.


  1. I love your outfit, the red belt makes it stand out.

  2. I wondered how various bloggers were charting outfit possibilities. Thanks for posting. I like this technique it is simple and doesn't require too much thought to put together. - Katy

  3. HUGE fan of the brilliant purple and red combo. The color in your top and belt really pop. And your outfit compatibility chart is hysterical! I wish I had the patience for such brainstorming! As it is, I'm basically winging it (so far, so good though).

  4. I love your flow chart idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that, I guess I'm more of an outline person than a chart person. So clever!

  5. I'm a very visual person. Probably even more so after 6 years of architecture school. I just like to be able to see all the combinations laid out together. It put my mind at ease and helped me to realize that there was definitely enough outfit possibilities to go around.

  6. Love how you charted. I did the same thing and started to think I was a bit crazy! Nice to know there is someone else out there doing the same thing for the challenge. Cute Blog!




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