Monday, December 12, 2011

You Search, I Answer: $200 Professional Wardrobe - Retail

This week's "You Search, I Answer" is based on the search term "200 Dollar Professional Dress Budget".  There are two ways to go about building a professional wardrobe on a $200 budget, through retail shopping or through second-hand shopping.  Today, I'll focus on retail shopping and leave thrift shopping for another post.

To build a professional wardrobe on the cheap, you need to buy a few neutral basics and a few pieces with personality to mix and match.

I've compiled a list of essential items for a professional wardrobe (with my recommended sources):
  1. Neutral Blazer   (Gap, Loft)
  2. Colorful Cardigan   (Target, Old Navy)
  3. Print Blouse   (Kohl's, especially Simply Vera)
  4. Button-Up   (Old Navy, American Eagle)
  5. Trouser Jeans   (Gap, Old Navy)
  6. Straight Skirt   (Target)

$200 Professional Wardrobe

American Eagle Outfitters ruffle shirt, $40
Black jacket, $21
Old Navy wide leg denim pants, $35
sweaters, clothing, women : Target, $20
Wet Seal flat heels, $8.99
Wet Seal bow shoes, $15
Dolce Vita elastic belt, $17
Dorothy Perkins tan belt, $8
Simply Vera Vera Wang Watercolor Tank, $9.60
Target:Merona® Collection Women's Waldon Tweed S..., $17

Total $191.59

With six pieces of clothing, you can make at least ten outfits. That's two weeks of work outfits.

$200 Professional Wardrobe

Outfits 1 & 2

$200 Professional Wardrobe

Outfits 3, 4, & 5

$200 Professional Wardrobe

Outfits 6, 7, & 8

$200 Professional Wardrobe

Outfits 9 & 10
Next week, I'll be sharing the $200 Professional Wardrobe - Thrift Version.  So be sure to check back for that.

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