Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mexi Dress

I found this dress at a local garage sale. I bought this dress and a similar navy blue one for $5.00 each. According to the previous owners, they are vintage. The dress fit everywhere except for the length.

Using my new hemming technique learned from my Home Ec class, I cut 10 inches off this baby. Add a belt and perfetto. I immediately wore it out to the grocery store. I was a little worried because I was also carrying my Frida Kahlo Mexican shopping bag. I didn't want to come across too costumey; however, I figured most people wouldn't put the two together. The first lady I saw coming out of the store commented on how cute my dress was, so I figure I was golden.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Muu Who?

You've seen this little beauty before. It's the muu muu from Goodwill. I finally took some action today.

Using a tutorial from my online Home Ec class, I altered this little baby into something wearable. I cut over a foot off the bottom and re-hemmed it. I took in a couple of inches on each side. I also took off the sleeves with a seam ripper and finished off the openings with a small hem. Add a belt and tada! a new summer frock. Too bad I finished it on the first day of Autumn. Oh well, bring on the tights, boots, and sweaters.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pipe Up

Another project from my Home Ec tutorials. This pillow with piping is made of the same thrifted, vintage sheet that I used for the double-sided napkins. It was a relatively easy project to complete. There is only one corner where I sewed too close to the piping. Oops.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vera-ly, Vera-ly, I Say Unto You

Today, I made a reusable tote bag using another tutorial from my online Home Ec class. It was a pretty quick and easy project. The tote is made out of a thrifted, vintage Vera Neumann sheet. I love all things Vera, especially the We Love Vera line for Anthropologie. I cut out the bag in such as way that the "Vera" symbol is visible.

Wipe Out

Double-sided napkins also made using a tutorial from my online Home Ec class. Both sides of the napkins are made from thrifted, vintage sheets. I love the colors in the floral fabric. I'm thinking of making a throw pillow out of these two fabrics. I think it would go really well with the floral pillow I made earlier this week.


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