Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yellow Blazer - 3 Ways

Colored jeans were all the rage last fall.  I even covered how to style them earlier this year.  This fall the fun has moved from jeans on up the body to blazers.  A yellow (or teal or purple) blazer may seem intimidating at first, but I promise, it's not.  Think of colored blazers as the even more professional version of the colored cardigan that you are probably already wearing to work.  Below I've styled my new mustard blazer three ways for your viewing pleasure.

2012-10-01 A

Yellow Blazer + Gray Tee + Leather Pencil Skirt + Fringe Booties = Edgy Professional

2012-10-01 B

Yellow Blazer + Printed Tank + Skinny Jeans + Black Booties =  Quirky Casual

2012-10-01 C

Yellow Blazer + Vintage-y Dress + Neutral Belt + Neutral Flats = Fresh Professional

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shop Feature Saturday

I'm going to start a new feature called "Shop Feature Friday"  (today's just didn't happen until Saturday).  Each week I'll feature one item from my shop Unusual Form Vintage.  It will be a fun way to let you know what's in the shop and to show you how it looks on a real person and how it can be styled.

First up is this darling 1950s day dress.  I love the varied plaid print in navy, one of my favorite colors.  It looks especially cute with red accessories.  I would guess that it was originally meant as an "around the house dress", but what a 50s housewife wore to clean house, now makes a perfectly cute date night look.  The dress is a little shapeless on its own, so you'll definitely want to belt this one.


The dress can be found here in my shop.  It's currently $27.00, but this weekend only you can get it and all other items in the shop for 20% by using code: welcome20.  So head on over and check out all my vintage goodies.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

In & Out - Denim Jackets

2012-09-09 1

In: Vintage Denim Shirt (Thrifted)

What's not to love about this jacket?  It's vintage.  It's thrifted.  It was a few bucks.  It's already worn in and has pleather patches.  Front and back.  I can just imagine this being my go-to weekend topper for chilly fall days.  On a side note, this is totally the outfit I would wear if I went glamping (red wedges and all).

2012-09-09 2

2012-09-09 3

Out: Gap Denim Jacket (Thrifted)

I have had this denim jacket for over a year and have never worn it.  It's pretty standard denim jacket fare and the fit is a little weird.  Oddly cropped/wide in the shoulders.  Plus, I have a similar, but darker version of this jacket that I wear more frequently.  Seeing this photo with the ones above definitely makes this jacket seem kind of blah.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome Sale!


To jump start Unusual Form Vintage on Etsy, I'm having an exclusive sale for Unusual Form readers.  You can take 20% off your purchase now through the end of this month.  Use coupon code: welcome20.  Happy shopping!


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