Monday, December 17, 2012

Arkansas Women Bloggers Ornament Swap

In an uncharacteristic spurt of participation I signed up for the Arkansas Women Blogger's Ornament Swap.  I received the name of a lovely Arkansas blogger and my name was sent to another lovely blogger.  It was all hush hush until today, reveal day. 

Last week, I received the ornament that was made for me as well as a extra present.  I received an ornament made by Rebekah of Oh Beloved.  In keeping with the theme of her blog, she sent me a lovely paper ornament, incorporating a bible verse, a reminder of the true meaning of this holiday season. 

She also send along a surprise gift.  A copy of her book.

Please head over to Rebekah's blog to check out what ornament she received.  You can also visit the Arkansas Women Bloggers' site to see all the ornaments that were exchanged.

P.S. If you want to see the ornament I made, check out Karen's blog, Ting's Mom.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

arch+craft giveaway

arch+craft giveaway 3

The lovely Kim of The Made Thing is hosting an giveaway on her blog.  The prize?  One of our arch+craft necklaces!  So head over there and enter!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bright Friday Sale

Long time readers of my blog will know that despite my architecture background, and architects' penchant for black, I can't get behind Black Friday. But I can get behind Bright Friday!

Unusual Form Vintage is having a Bright Friday Sale running today through Friday, November 30. Take 25% off you entire purchase by using the code: BRIGHTFRIDAY25.  Happy shopping!


Saturday, November 3, 2012


Lately I've been alluding to an exciting new project.  Well today is the day for the big reveal.  In the last few months, my friend Rachel and I have been working on a new jewelry and home decor line. We launched our Etsy site today. We also just got notification that we will be participating in this year's The Little Craft Show.  Everything is happening in fast forward.  Check out our first products below and let me know what you think. 




Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blah to Blogworthy

What can I say? This nice Fall weather has reinvigorated me.  Expect to see more posting from my neck of the woods. In the coming weeks, I'm also hoping to share an exciting new project that I'm working on.  Stayed tuned for that, but for today I present to you a Blah to Blogworthy that is kind of blue.

2012-10-03 A

Outfit 1 - Blah

This outfit is not terrible, but once again, "not terrible" shouldn't be my goal.  I think the general shape and balance of the outfit is flattering, but the too-close color of the cardigan and trouser jeans make for a weird onesie look.

2012-10-03 B

Outfit 2 - Blogworthy

I simply switched out the trouser jeans for a wooly red pencil skirt. The contrasting color of the skirt helps all the items in the outfit to stand out on their own accord. The tripartite color scheme strikes a slightly nautical note without be over the top.  Overall, I think the outfit is sharp and professional with the pop that the above outfit lacks.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yellow Blazer - 3 Ways

Colored jeans were all the rage last fall.  I even covered how to style them earlier this year.  This fall the fun has moved from jeans on up the body to blazers.  A yellow (or teal or purple) blazer may seem intimidating at first, but I promise, it's not.  Think of colored blazers as the even more professional version of the colored cardigan that you are probably already wearing to work.  Below I've styled my new mustard blazer three ways for your viewing pleasure.

2012-10-01 A

Yellow Blazer + Gray Tee + Leather Pencil Skirt + Fringe Booties = Edgy Professional

2012-10-01 B

Yellow Blazer + Printed Tank + Skinny Jeans + Black Booties =  Quirky Casual

2012-10-01 C

Yellow Blazer + Vintage-y Dress + Neutral Belt + Neutral Flats = Fresh Professional

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shop Feature Saturday

I'm going to start a new feature called "Shop Feature Friday"  (today's just didn't happen until Saturday).  Each week I'll feature one item from my shop Unusual Form Vintage.  It will be a fun way to let you know what's in the shop and to show you how it looks on a real person and how it can be styled.

First up is this darling 1950s day dress.  I love the varied plaid print in navy, one of my favorite colors.  It looks especially cute with red accessories.  I would guess that it was originally meant as an "around the house dress", but what a 50s housewife wore to clean house, now makes a perfectly cute date night look.  The dress is a little shapeless on its own, so you'll definitely want to belt this one.


The dress can be found here in my shop.  It's currently $27.00, but this weekend only you can get it and all other items in the shop for 20% by using code: welcome20.  So head on over and check out all my vintage goodies.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

In & Out - Denim Jackets

2012-09-09 1

In: Vintage Denim Shirt (Thrifted)

What's not to love about this jacket?  It's vintage.  It's thrifted.  It was a few bucks.  It's already worn in and has pleather patches.  Front and back.  I can just imagine this being my go-to weekend topper for chilly fall days.  On a side note, this is totally the outfit I would wear if I went glamping (red wedges and all).

2012-09-09 2

2012-09-09 3

Out: Gap Denim Jacket (Thrifted)

I have had this denim jacket for over a year and have never worn it.  It's pretty standard denim jacket fare and the fit is a little weird.  Oddly cropped/wide in the shoulders.  Plus, I have a similar, but darker version of this jacket that I wear more frequently.  Seeing this photo with the ones above definitely makes this jacket seem kind of blah.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome Sale!


To jump start Unusual Form Vintage on Etsy, I'm having an exclusive sale for Unusual Form readers.  You can take 20% off your purchase now through the end of this month.  Use coupon code: welcome20.  Happy shopping!

Friday, August 31, 2012

In & Out

Hey, y'all.  Let's just pretend that I didn't take a two month blog break, and get on with business as usual.  I recently had a big clothing sort and edited my closet.  Things had gotten out of control!  Now that I have things down to a managable size, I'm implimenting a one in/one out policy.  It's a great filter for shopping.  Before I decide to buy something, I have to think of something in my closet that I would be willing to get rid of.  I tested out my new filter at Anthropologie last weekend.  I walked out empty handed, because there was nothing there that I liked more than what is currently in my closet.

I'll be documenting this process through a new series of posts entitled "In & Out"  where I'll tell you exactly that, what item is in and what item is out.

2012-08-30 A

In:  New Mustard-y Blouse from Banana Republic

I've had my eye on this blouse for a while now.  I pinned it.  I caressed it in store (I'm a very tactile shopper).  It's silk and the perfect shade of mustard!  When I saw a 40% off coupon in my email, I decided the blouse should come to my house and displace something in my closet.

2012-08-30 B

Out: Vintage Butter-y Tie-Neck Blouse
This blouse is lovely.  It has a tie-neck which is kind of my favorite.  It's yellow which is also kind of my favorite.  The only mark it has against it is it's buttery shade of yellow doesn't quite do for my pasty, pale, Dayglo skin what the mustard top does.  Lucky for you, this lovely number will be added to my Etsy shop posthaste! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Etsy Grand Opening

2012-08-19 037

Hey, y'all!  I've come out of my summer hibernation (that's what we do down here in the south) to reboot my Etsy shop featuring vintage clothing.  I'll be adding new things all week.  Be sure to check it out:  Unusual Form Vintage.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magazine to Me - Glamour

2012-07-31 B

Lately, I've been really loving these "Month of Outfits" features in Glamour Magazine.  Perhaps it's the remixing aspect.  I've been cutting them out and leaving them on my dresser for when I need some early morning outfit inspiration.  Today's inspiration came from the bottom left.

I decided to forgo the pink blazer because:  A. I don't own a pink blazer and B. I think it would freak out my office mates if I wore pink and red together.  Baby steps...bringing fashion to architecture trough baby steps.

2012-07-31 A
Blazer - J.Crew, Thrifted
Tank - Old Navy
Pants - J.Crew
Wedges - Jeffery Campbell
Necklace - Vintage, Resale Shop

Friday, July 20, 2012

Work to Weekend

2012-07-20 A

Blouse - Vintage, Thrifted
Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted
Necklace - Vintage, Great Aunt's
Belt - Vintage, Thrifted
Shoes - Vintage, Thrifted

Let's start this Work to Weekend post with an all second hand outfit.  Would you believe that this outfit came from four different thrift stores and one great aunt?  It's true!  I thought that the blush blouse was a nicely complimented the coral pleated skirt.  Paired with a vintage necklace, belt, and my Ferragamos, I think it was a very lady-like outfit.  No casual Friday for me!

2012-07-20 B

Tank - J.Crew
Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted
Necklace - Vintage, Antique Mall
Belt - Flea Market
Sandals - Antonio Melani, Dillard's

To make my pleated skirt more casual, I paired it with a dotted tank and a wide leather belt.  Strappy sandals definitely say "not in the office anymore".

2012-07-20 C

Blouse -Vintage, Thrifted
Shorts - LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Flower - Anthropologie
Belt - Gap
Sandals - Antonio Melani, Dillard's

Why should the pleated skirt have all the weekend fun?  The blush blouse also goes casual with the help of navy polka dots.  My office dress code is "no shorts or sandals" so this is definitely a weekend only look.  So is the floral brooch.  Wouldn't want to scare off contractors with a reference to anything feminine.  This blouse got plenty of casual wear last summer during my 30x30 challenge.  If you want a few more outfit ideas, check out my challenge here.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Work to Weekend

This post is a twofer.  You get both a before and after and a work and weekend post.  This dress began it's life as a frumpy church lady's dress.  I snatched it up at a garage sale for a whopping $2.00.  A few snips and one blind hem later and I have a fun new dress that can go from work to weekend with just a few swaps.

Dress Before

2012-07-13 Day

Blazer - Ann Taylor, Thrifted
Dress - Garage Sale
Necklace - Simply Vera, Kohl's
Flats - Gianni Bini, Thrifted

The dress may be a wee bit short for work, so I toned it down with a classic black blazer and flats.  A black statement necklace and a bun finish off the look.

2012-07-13 Night

Dress - Garage Sale
Necklace - Antique Store
Belt - Thrifted
Heels - Gianni Bini, Dillard's

For a night out with the girls, throw off the blazer and jazz the ensemble up with gold accessories.  Let your hair down and throw on some heels.  A swipe of red lipstick and you're ready for a night on the town.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Work to Weekend

I rarely post about weekend wear, it's usually work, work, work around here.  It could be due partly to the fact that I have a bit of a weekend uniform.  It's usually these shorts or these shorts with a striped tee.  Fine for a single post, but it would get repetitive after a while.  I'm going to start a new series called "Work to Weekend" that attempts to incorporate my work items into weekend looks.  First up the champ of work wear:  the button up shirt.


Button Up - J.Crew, Consignment Shop
Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted
Necklace - Great Aunt's
Bracelet - Mom'd
Belt - Thrifted
Flats - Thrifted

Nothing is more professional than a button up shirt.  Crisp, clean, androgynous enough not to freak out contractors.  But this office basic doesn't have to stay in the office.


Button Up - J.Crew, Consignment Shop
Shorts - Vintage, Thrifted
Bracelet -Garage Sale
Belt - TJ Maxx
Flats - Thrifted

Roll up your sleeves (if you haven't already) and you're ready to bring a preppy touch to high-waisted shorts.  I picked these shorts at my local thrift store for a song ($1.50 to be exact).  The red belt adds some much needed color to an otherwise monochromatic look.  Same woven flats as before and you're ready for your dressy casual weekend event.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catalog to Kara: Madewell

I pinned this outfit from Madewell way back when it wouldn't be climatically appropriate to wear a t-shirt and skirt to work.  Now that summer is in full swing, I decided to give it a whirl.  The best thing about my version is the very un-Madewell prices.  $10 tee.  $0.50 skirt.  $1 belt.  $4  shoes.  The sad thing is that the model is doing the "Kara" pose and this is the one photo I managed not to do it.  Sigh.  Next time.


Tee - Old Navy
Skirt - Thrifted
Flats -Gianni Bini, Thrifted
Necklace - Vintage, Flea Market
Belt - Flea Market

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dots on Dots


Cardigan - The Webster at Target
Tank - J.Crew
Skirt - Limited, Thrifted
Necklace - Vintage, Yard Sale
Belt - Flea Market
Shoes - Dillards

You hear of people being "good on paper", meaning they have the right pedigree, education, job, what have you, to make them attractive in theory, but usually not in reality.  Well, I think this outfit is just the opposite.  It probably sounds ridiculous on paper: two different polka dots, one with a navy background, one with a black background, a multi-toned cardigan, brown belt, black shoes.  Wackadoodle right?  But in real seems to work!  The polka dots have different densities that work in their favor.  The cardigan ties in the navy of the tank and the pink dots on the skirt.  Brown belt and black shoes?  Eeh.  We've debunked the matching belt and shoes myth many times over.  So there you have it...bad on paper, good on person.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi There

Hey Y'all! Long time, no blog. I've been busy in real life. Holding a yard sale and whatnot. That stuff is hard work. Definitely glad it's over. Even though I haven't been showing my face around these parts recently, I have discovered the joy of Instagram. If you would like to follow along, my user name is unusual_form.


Tee - Old Navy
Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted
Necklace - Target
Shoes - Vintage Ferragamo, Thrifted

Now on to the matter at hand (or on body) outfit.  I'm still up to my thrifty ways.  In fact, this outfit rings in at less than $25.00. I've been loving this gray t-shirt I picked up at Old Navy for $5.00.  It's heathered with sweatshirt-like details that really toughens up otherwise sweet pieces such as the peach vintage knit skirt ($3.00) and vintage Ferragamos.  Yes, I am now the proud owner of vintage Ferragamos thanks to my local thrift store and a $5.00 bill. 

I'm thinking about re-opening my Etsy store with a focus on vintage clothing.  I find so many great things that either aren't my size or aren't my style, but I just hate to leave them behind.  Any thoughts?


Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Skirt Redo

Last week I gave a brief description of how to take up an elastic waist skirt. Today, I wanted to do an elaborate tutorial on how to take up a skirt with a flat waistband.  I started out altering the skirt and documenting all the steps with photos.  Then I decided I wanted to wear the skirt to a party that evening, so I had to dispense with the photo taking and get down to the taking in. I will give a quick description of what I did.  No photos though, some other time.

Maxi Skirt Before

This works best with gathered skirts. Straight skirts such as pencil skirts would take a little more work. With a pencil skirt, you would have to take out fabric for a good fit. With a gathered skirt, you can just make it more gathered and redo the band.  Simply:

Step 1. Remove the waistband.

Step 2. Gather the skirt to fit. If you can find the original thread ends, pull them to increase the gather of the skirt and decrease it's circumference. If you can't find the thread ends, simply sew a new line around the skirt. Use a long stitch with less tension, then use the new thread ends to increase the gather.

Step 3. Reattach waistband and trim any excess.  

maxi skirt after

Jacket - Mossimo, Thrifted
Tank - BDG, Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted, Altered
Necklace - Vintage, Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Sandals - Gianni Bini, Dillard's

Friday, June 1, 2012

eShakti Giveaway Winner

Congratulation to the winner of the eShakti Giveaway, Amanda Robinson.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

giveaway number

giveaway comment

Amanda, I'll put you in contact with eShakti so you can get started on your dress.  Take a photo of yourself in your dress when you receive it and I'll feature you on the blog.

Neutrals Week - Day 4


Blouse - J.Crew, Resale Shop
Skirt - Thrifted
Heels - Antonio Melani, Dillard's

Today's outfit features just about the easiest redo you can do. Resizing an elastic waist skirt.  I found this skirt at my local thrift store.  It was hanging in the plus size section, a place I don't usually browse, but with a pattern like this, how could I miss it?  Despite being an XL, it's XS price tag ($2.50) convinced me to bring it home.  I took a pair of scissors to the seam at the back of the waistband, pulled the elastic out until I had a good fit, cut the excess elastic and sewed the ends back together.  I didn't even bother to stitch the seam back up.  I'm tempted to try this skirt with the crinoline I wore for my wedding.  Too Betty Draper?

skirt before


I'll announce the winner of the eShakti giveaway later today.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Neutrals Week - Day 3

I feel especially French today, because I'm wearing Christian Dior. Yes! Christian Dior! So, okay, it's thrifted and made of polyester (he could have at least sprung for silk). But it's Christian Dior! I do understand the allure of designer (even if I'm not willing or able to spring for it at full price).


Jacket - Express, Thrifted
Blouse - Christian Dior, Thrifted
Skinnies - BCG, Urban Outfitters
Flats - Dillard's
Necklace - Vintage, Gifted

Today's outfit is a slight variation on this outfit. It's a bit of a blogger taboo to repeat outfits. What's your take on this? I could probably repeat an outfit from a year ago and no one would notice, plus I may have new readers that didn't see my outfits a year ago. The bloggers I read could repeat an outfit and I probably wouldn't notice unless it was within a few days of each other. Personal style bloggers tend to have just that "personal style" and our outfits have similarities, themes, etc.  Throw remixing into the mix and you're bound to have similar outfits from time to time.  All of this is a convoluted way of saying I hope you don't mind if I have almost repeats, I promise I probably won't even notice yours.

Today is the last day to enter my eSkakti giveaway.  I'll announce the winner on Friday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neutrals Week - Day 2


Jacket - LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
Tee - Old Navy
Skirt - Thrifted
Boots - BCBGeneration - Dillard's
Necklace - Simply Vera, Kohl's

Despite my usual professional appearance, I really am a hippie at heart.  I frequent farmer's markets and natural food stores (and bring my own bags).  I listen to NPR.  I make my own granola.  I bake my own bread.  I use Dr. Bronner's for everything.  I own five pairs of Birkenstocks.  And we have a garden in our backyard as well as a flock of chickens.  Who says you can only be one thing?  I can wear skirts and oversee a construction site.  I can shop at thrift stores and work at a big building downtown.  To be multifaceted is to be interesting.  Or at least I think so.


We may have chickens, but it doesn't mean they can't have a sleek, modern coop that just so happpens to match my outfit.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neutrals Week - Day 1

I'm going to do something you probably thought that I would never attempt.  Neutrals Week!  I'm setting out to prove that I can be stylish without relying heavily on bright colors and prints.  I know that's generally how I roll, but a girl's got to change it up from time to time.  So this week, neutrals only (or mostly).  Do you think I can do it?


Blouse - Banana Republic, Resale Shop
Skinnies - BDG, Urban Outfitters
Heels - Antonio Melani, Thrifted
Necklace - Thrifted

First up a new shirt, or new to me at least.  It picked it up at a local resale shop. This particular shop has nice merchandise (sorority girls' barely worn cast offs) and it's reasonably priced.  I purchased the above gray silk shirt for $7.50.  A little more than at a thrift store, but definitely still worth the price.  Even though I'm not wearing any color in this outfit (aside from plum heels), the fit and shape of the blouse add interest.  The blousey fit nicely contrasts with my skinny jeans and the little details like metal buttons and peplum hem just add further interest to the outfit.  So did I do it?  Did I manage to be both neutral and interesting?

On a side note be sure to check out my eShakti giveaway if you haven't already.  A winner will be announce on Friday, June 1st.  And check back tomorrow for the second installment of Neutrals Week.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

eShakti Giveaway - Closed

You may remember in the Fall when I reviewed a dress for eShakti.  Well, they have graciously offered to give one lucky Unusual Form reader a custom dress of their choice from the eShakti website.


The rules are simple.  You must:
1.  Visit eShakti and let me know which item you would choose if you won.
2.  Follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest.
3.  Follow Unusual Form in some form or fashion.
4.  Be a resident of the U.S. or Canada.
5.  Leave your email address or blog link so I can contact you if you win.

That's it.  I'll pick a winner June 1st.  Good luck!  I can't wait to see what you pick.

Blah to Blogworthy

I picked this jacket up at an estate sale a while back.  It was part of a suit that included a matching skirt and shell.  I got the whole set for around $12.00.  I wanted to give the new jacket a whirl, before it got too hot.  Unfortunately I made this decision in the morning before I left for work.  Let's just say that my outfit making abilities are drastically diminished before noon.


Outfit 1 - Blah
This is the outfit I actually wore to work.  It looks a little...sloppy.  The shirt tail hanging out, the boxy jacket paired with the voluminous top all add to little waist definition and a outfit that is not entirely flattering.  It's all a little disjointed and disheveled looking.


Outfit 2 - Blogworthy
I switched out the oversized polka dot blouse for a fitted sweater.  The shorter length of the sweater works much better with the slightly cropped jacket.  It makes the the outfit more proportional.  I also think the bright, solid sweater works better with the printed jacket.  It makes the outfit simpler and more interesting at the same time.


Outfit 2 - Blogworthy
For this outfit, I switched out the skinny jeans for the matching skirt from the suit.  I was hesitant at first to pair the jacket with the matching skirt.  I generally try to separate my vintage suits to make them more modern.  Wearing the whole suit always runs the risk of looking like an extra that wandered of the set of Mad Men.  I tried it anyway and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Tucking in the top both makes the outfit seem less sloppy and defines the waist.  I really like this look.  It's retro enough without being costume-y.

Monday, May 21, 2012

You Search, I Answer: Cream Blazer

I've had this post brewing for a while.  "Cream Blazer Outfits" has show up pretty consistently in the keywords people use to find my site.  My 30x30 challenge finally gave me a few extra outfits featuring a cream blazer, so I thought it was time to tackle the subject.

I'm going to boil it down to a simple formula for you:

cream blazer + simple, colorful top + sleek, dark bottom + bold accent

Cream Blazer Outfits

cream blazer 1


cream blazer 2

30x30 Outfit 9

Sometimes you have to break all the rules.  Do you have a cream blazer?  How do you wear it?


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