Friday, August 31, 2012

In & Out

Hey, y'all.  Let's just pretend that I didn't take a two month blog break, and get on with business as usual.  I recently had a big clothing sort and edited my closet.  Things had gotten out of control!  Now that I have things down to a managable size, I'm implimenting a one in/one out policy.  It's a great filter for shopping.  Before I decide to buy something, I have to think of something in my closet that I would be willing to get rid of.  I tested out my new filter at Anthropologie last weekend.  I walked out empty handed, because there was nothing there that I liked more than what is currently in my closet.

I'll be documenting this process through a new series of posts entitled "In & Out"  where I'll tell you exactly that, what item is in and what item is out.

2012-08-30 A

In:  New Mustard-y Blouse from Banana Republic

I've had my eye on this blouse for a while now.  I pinned it.  I caressed it in store (I'm a very tactile shopper).  It's silk and the perfect shade of mustard!  When I saw a 40% off coupon in my email, I decided the blouse should come to my house and displace something in my closet.

2012-08-30 B

Out: Vintage Butter-y Tie-Neck Blouse
This blouse is lovely.  It has a tie-neck which is kind of my favorite.  It's yellow which is also kind of my favorite.  The only mark it has against it is it's buttery shade of yellow doesn't quite do for my pasty, pale, Dayglo skin what the mustard top does.  Lucky for you, this lovely number will be added to my Etsy shop posthaste! 

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