Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blah to Blogworthy

I picked this jacket up at an estate sale a while back.  It was part of a suit that included a matching skirt and shell.  I got the whole set for around $12.00.  I wanted to give the new jacket a whirl, before it got too hot.  Unfortunately I made this decision in the morning before I left for work.  Let's just say that my outfit making abilities are drastically diminished before noon.


Outfit 1 - Blah
This is the outfit I actually wore to work.  It looks a little...sloppy.  The shirt tail hanging out, the boxy jacket paired with the voluminous top all add to little waist definition and a outfit that is not entirely flattering.  It's all a little disjointed and disheveled looking.


Outfit 2 - Blogworthy
I switched out the oversized polka dot blouse for a fitted sweater.  The shorter length of the sweater works much better with the slightly cropped jacket.  It makes the the outfit more proportional.  I also think the bright, solid sweater works better with the printed jacket.  It makes the outfit simpler and more interesting at the same time.


Outfit 2 - Blogworthy
For this outfit, I switched out the skinny jeans for the matching skirt from the suit.  I was hesitant at first to pair the jacket with the matching skirt.  I generally try to separate my vintage suits to make them more modern.  Wearing the whole suit always runs the risk of looking like an extra that wandered of the set of Mad Men.  I tried it anyway and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Tucking in the top both makes the outfit seem less sloppy and defines the waist.  I really like this look.  It's retro enough without being costume-y.

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  1. I love the vintage skirt the best! Pleats are amazing!

    You commented on my blog a while back that you'd love to see and interview with Grey Dog Boutique and I now have it up on my blog this morning! Please go check it out!



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