Friday, May 4, 2012

30x30 - Outfit 25

30x30 25

Blouse - Go International Target, Thrifted
Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted
Wedges - Jeffery Campbell
Belt - Thrifted

This outfit is another one that just seems so "me". Maybe it's just the red skirt. As I get older, I am really beginning to get a sense of the types of clothes I like to wear as opposed to the types of clothes I am drawn to in stores. It's import to distinguish between these two so that you don't have a closet full of clothes that you never wear. A lot of times I'm drawn to girly, frilly outfits. Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles, but I know that in reality I wear items with a cleaner cut. I like my outfits to get interest from color and pattern, but not necessarily from shapes/adornments.  I do love a tie neck blouse though.  Do you find a disparity between what you are drawn to in stores and what you wear in real life?

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