Sunday, September 9, 2012

In & Out - Denim Jackets

2012-09-09 1

In: Vintage Denim Shirt (Thrifted)

What's not to love about this jacket?  It's vintage.  It's thrifted.  It was a few bucks.  It's already worn in and has pleather patches.  Front and back.  I can just imagine this being my go-to weekend topper for chilly fall days.  On a side note, this is totally the outfit I would wear if I went glamping (red wedges and all).

2012-09-09 2

2012-09-09 3

Out: Gap Denim Jacket (Thrifted)

I have had this denim jacket for over a year and have never worn it.  It's pretty standard denim jacket fare and the fit is a little weird.  Oddly cropped/wide in the shoulders.  Plus, I have a similar, but darker version of this jacket that I wear more frequently.  Seeing this photo with the ones above definitely makes this jacket seem kind of blah.  

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