Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magazine to Me - Glamour

2012-07-31 B

Lately, I've been really loving these "Month of Outfits" features in Glamour Magazine.  Perhaps it's the remixing aspect.  I've been cutting them out and leaving them on my dresser for when I need some early morning outfit inspiration.  Today's inspiration came from the bottom left.

I decided to forgo the pink blazer because:  A. I don't own a pink blazer and B. I think it would freak out my office mates if I wore pink and red together.  Baby steps...bringing fashion to architecture trough baby steps.

2012-07-31 A
Blazer - J.Crew, Thrifted
Tank - Old Navy
Pants - J.Crew
Wedges - Jeffery Campbell
Necklace - Vintage, Resale Shop

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