Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 of 30 - Disaster Strikes

Soooo, today right after I got to school, I managed to spill coffee on this yellow skirt. When the item in question is one of hundreds, no big deal, there's plenty more to wear. However, when it is one of thirty, that is a much bigger deal. Needless to say, this baby went straight to the dry cleaners.

Outfit 2

I wore this for a day of teaching (High Gothic Architecture). The yellow skirt is one that I picked up a Goodwill for $4. It was a little on the long side (read dowdy) so I took it to the seamstress to be hemmed. I normal hem up my own skirts, but I wanted this one to have an invisible hem, which my sewing machine either doesn't do, or I haven't figured out how to do. It was a little expensive, but the skirt still ended up being well under $20. I think that's still a bargain.

Kara Outfit Detail

Chambray Shirt - Gap
Yellow Skirt - Vintage, Thrifted, Altered
Scarf (Above) - Banana Republic
Tall Socks - Target
Boots - Frye
Starburst Necklace - Vintage
Leather Belt - Thrifted
Watch - Skagen
Cuff Bracelet - Vintage (from Great Aunt)


  1. Oh, I absolutely love this... that color is my favorite right now! I actually spilled coffee on my skirt today during lunch but luckily was able to get it out.

  2. That is so cute! Love the belted yellow skirt - a great piece.

  3. Love this skirt and good call on rushing it to the dry cleaners. Hopefully you'll have it back in rotation soon! - Katy

  4. This one is my fave of the 3 days so far! I really love that skirt! I found you thru Kendi and I am your newest follower. I really like this outfit. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!



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