Friday, November 12, 2010

5 of 30 - Can we have one do-over?

Five days in and I'm already having regrets. Eeep! I would kill to have one more piece of neutral outwear right now. Sigh. I guess this is a good thing. One of the goals of this challenge is to make you long for things you already own, but that are not included in your 30 items. Grey Cardigan, I'm longing for you, even though you are on a shelf mere inches away. Oh well, see you (and gladly wear you) in twenty-five days.

Outfit 5

Day 5: Meeting with students and other academic activities.

Teal Tank: Heather Kelly (Now Defunct Etsy Site)
Black Legging Jeans: Gap
Stripe Cardigan: Old Navy
Black Flats: Banana Republic
Woven Belt: Don't remember, Target?
Watch: Skagen
Bracelets: Both Vintage

Anybody else having regrets? If you could have one do-over at the moment, what would it be?


  1. I don't so much have regrets about what I chose...but I finished making a jacket last night, and now I have to wait 25 days to wear it!!
    I love the colour of your blouse...and striped cardis are always fun!

  2. I need more blazers/jackets/cardis in my pick too! Ugh! I agree, but we will know for next time :0)

  3. Chin up! That sweater is fabulous.

  4. 1) all of your outfits for the weeks are cute and colorful! 2) I've the opposite problem... too many neutrals (ok maybe all of my 30 are neutrals)

    my biggest regret is choosing too many casual clothes.

  5. Thanks everyone. I don't mean to diss the stripe sweater. I like it with this outfit. I do, however, have several other outfits in mind that could really use that grey sweater. Oh well, they'll just have to wait until after the 30 days are up.



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