Monday, November 22, 2010

12 & 13 of 30 - I'm back!

Though not 100%, I am back to the land of the living. Below is a recreation of the outfit I wore to the doctor on Friday. I did not accessorize or even wear makeup that day. I somehow feel that your appearance should look as bad as you feel when going to the doctor. My twisted mind thinks that if you make the effort on your appearance, the doctor will somehow think that you're not really sick, as in, "If she feels well enough to put on makeup and pick out a necklace, then maybe she really isn't that sick." I know this is just me being paranoid and probably no doctors think this way, but oh well.

Outfit 12

Day 12: Went to the doctor (boo)

Chambray Shirt - Gap
Black Legging Jeans - Gap
Black Flats - Banana Republic

Outfit 13

Day 13: Working on my lecture for tomorrow

Stripe Shirt - J.Crew
Skinny Jeans - Banana Republic
Black Flats - Banana Republic
Pendant - Vintage
Bracelet - From Mexico

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