Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Dressed for $11.00

Another Thrifty Professional outfit for you. This time 100% thrifted. Some of you might recognize this top from my thrift finds two weeks ago. It's just now making its debut, because it had to take a little trip. Through the laundry.  I'm also wearing the pumps from that same week.


I've had the skirt for a while, but I've only worn it once. It was also purchased at the Goodwill Half Price Center for $2.00. Oh yeah! I got to thinking, this is a really affordable outfit. It could be one of my cheapest ever.

Blouse - Odille, Goodwill $2.50 (Unblogged)
Skirt - Vintage, Goodwill $2.00
Heels - Kenneth Cole Reaction, Thrifted $5.00
Belt - Thrifted $1.50
Bracelet - Mom'd

Total: $11.00 

Being cheap never looked so good. Ha!

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