Monday, August 8, 2011

Pattern Mixing Week

In honor of EBEW Pattern Mixing, I decided to do pattern mixed outfits all week. Today's outfit would be an example of Step 4, two similarly colored patterns.  In this case, it's red that ties the shirt and skirt together.

This skirt actually comes with a funny story.  One day a few weeks ago, I was out shopping.  My first stop was a local resale/vintage shop.  It generally has nice merchandise, but the prices definitely reflect that.  It is definitely not a thrift store.  I saw the Tulle brand skirt (that I'm wearing in the photo below).  I thought it was cute, but at $17.00, I decided to pass. 

My next stop was one of my favorite thrift stores.  I was perusing the skirt section and low and behold, there was the exact same Tulle skirt.  The only difference was that this one was $2.92.  Needless to say, I snapped this one up and now display it for your viewing pleasure. 


Blouse - Banana Republic, Thrifted (Unblogged)
Skirt - Tulle, Thrifted (Unblogged)
Heels - Antonio Melani, Dillard's

Unusual Form has been all over the blogosphere lately. In case you missed it. I guest posted for Lidi of Eclectic Flair.  See the post here.  Also today on Modly Chic, Katy featured me in her blogger profile.

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