Monday, August 29, 2011

Made in the USA

Long time readers will remember that around the end of last year, I wrote quite a bit about my sordid relationship with cheap (primarily foreign made) clothing. You can read my initial post here. I thought that a good way for me to break this addiction was to buy only American made clothing, thus Nothing New in the New Year was born. 

NNNY didn't last long because I soon realized how difficult and expensive it was to buy American made clothing, so I switched to the 5 Piece French Wardrobe to at least limit the amount of new clothing I was buying.  I have managed to stick with the 5PFW thus far, but I'm still interesting in buying American made clothing. That's where this skirt comes in.

Below is the Black Flare Skirt, sent to me by the lovely people at Karen Kane.  This company has been in the news recently, because in the last two years they have switched 80% of their production back to the United States, including this skirt.  If you are interesting in supporting companies that are bringing jobs back to the US, be sure to check out the Karen Kane website.


Tank - Lucca Couture, UO (Unblogged)
Skirt - c/o Karen Kane (Unblogged)
Necklace - JC Penney
Bracelets - Vintage
Flats - ???, Old

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