Friday, August 5, 2011

Short Commute

It's amazing how much where you work effects the way you dress. I'm not just talking about corporate dress codes and that kind of thing. I'm talking about the day to day practicalities of working. I wear very different clothes now that I'm spending 6, 7, 8 hours a day working at a computer than I did when I was teaching.

While pencil skirts and dresses look really cute (because that was my primary goal as a teacher, right?) when you stand up in front a class, they are just not that comfortable for a long haul in front of the computer. Heck, I never really had to sit in my teaching ensembles. Get dressed, look cute, go teach, come home, change into pajamas, grade, prepare for class, etc. Now that I'm sitting more I find myself gravitating more towards pants, especially those of the stretchy variety.

One good thing about a desk job is the shoes. When I had to walk across campus (and stand up for an hour and a half straight to teach), I always went for the flats. Now that I only have to walk from the parking to my desk, and trust me, this is a small parking lot, I say, "Bring on the heels!" Who care if they're hidden under my desk all day? They sure look cute on my short commute (seriously, it's like 100 ft, ladies).


This is for you, Katy:
Blouse - Banana Republic, Resale Shop (Unblogged)
Jeans - Gap
Heels - Gianni Bini
Belt - Gap

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