Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Blues

I had a funny exchange on Twitter yesterday.  Someone saw my post title "More Deception and Money Matters" and thought I was writing about our national debt problem.  It would actually be a perfect phrase to describe what is currently going on in Washington, but that never crossed my mind.  The only debt ceiling I was concerned with was my personal one.

These yellow pants are another one of my thrift finds from this past week (the one where I went overboard).  J.Crew City Fit pants for $4.  I already own these in grey and love them.  In yellow?  I couldn't pass them up.   


Chambray - Gap
Pants - J.Crew, Thrifted
Heels - Gianni Bini, Dillard's
Necklace - Target
Belt - Resale Shop

Yesterday, I mentioned my new budget and how I'm already $4.14 over for this week due to last week's spending.  Well, despite that fact, I still have the desire to shop.  What do you do when you want something new, but know you shouldn't go shopping?  

Here are a few of my tactics to beat the "got to spend money" blues:

1.  Wear the unworn.
 I have a pile of thrifted skirts I need to hem.  I guess I could start in on those.  That's brand new-to-me clothing just waiting to be worn.  

2. Make something new.  
 I have fabric waiting for some new skirts and dress.  All it would take is some time and effort (though no money) to have something new to wear.  

3. Wear the unblogged.
 Well over half of my wardrobe has never made it on my blog.  I could challenge myself to wear an unblogged piece every day for a week.  A month?

Anyone else have any helpful hint for those time that you just want to shop, but know you don't need to?

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