Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 3 Wrap Up

One more week to go and I'm getting antsy. I really want to go thrift shopping. Black Friday held no allure for me neither did that 40% off coupon from Gap that my mom was trying to tempt me with. But Goodwill, oh the hold you have over me. My dad asked me yesterday if they had a layaway. I'm already planning a thrifting expedition for the day my 30 days are up (sounds like a prison sentence when I put it that way).

Week 3

What I've Learned (Week 3):

  1. I kind of like not spending money. It's nice to look at your bank account and to see that it is not dwindling.
  2. I thought I was having an outfit block for my last week, but I've come up with more outfits than I need.
  3. Perhaps limits are the best catalyst for creativity.
  4. I can spruce up my wardrobe with things I have on hand (see Outfit 23).

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