Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Been a While

Hello, there. Remember me? I'm the girl that used to blog here, before she went on winter break and wore pajamas for a week straight. Well, even girls on winter break must leave the house eventually. Truth be told, I did wear some non-lounge wear outfits this past week, but it was either too dark to get photos, or we were in a hurry, or some such excuse. Yesterday I actually managed to get outfit photos. It was rather windy, so I picked the photo that looked most like "model with a fan" and least like "trapped in a wind tunnel". You should have seen the other ones.

Outfit 12.28.10

This outfit reminds me of J.Crew a few seasons ago, and it's over half second hand! The blazer is my newest acquisition. It was $5.00 at my LTS (local thrift store). The striped shirt was from my thrift haul last week. And of course the Frye boots I bought at a consignment shop. The pants are my James Jeans. I told you I really do wear these a lot in real life, even if they didn't make many appearances during the 30 for 30. The only other new thing I'm wearing is the fabric flower brooch from Anthropologie, bought several months ago and making it's first appearance yesterday.

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