Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help! I've fallen off the wagon.

Okay, so yesterday I shopped so much that I made up for that entire month of not shopping. Oh well, the binge was bound to happen. I'm going to blame my lapse on the fact that I had to give a final exam at 8:00 in the morning and that all the stores had an extra 25 to 40 percent off sale items. I did manage to retain some of the knowledge gained during the 30 for 30. I walked out of Gap, Loft, and Banana without buying a thing. I was not quite as lucky at Anthro and J.Crew, however. Or maybe I was lucky, it depends on who you ask.

Anthro Haul

Anthro was offering an additional 25% off sale items. This is the first time I ever remember this happening, so I had to indulge a little. Three fabulous tops latter, I was a happy camper.

J.crew Haul

J.Crew upped the ante with 30% off sale items. I was able to stock up on a couple of basics there.

Thrift Haul

I was already up to my neck in indulgence. Why not go all the way? I had an early dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and then on the way home stopped at a thrift store I rarely visit (usually too out of the way). I found some great vintage treasures: two vintage sheets, a deep green velvet blazer, a floor-length polka dot sundress, a navy ruffly dress, a striped button up, and some sunglasses.

Outfit 12-17

I recently read something that said that you should only buy things that make you want to rip of the tags and wear right away and that is exactly what I did. Well, not right away. I wore them today to our faculty potluck lunch. I did a little low/high paring, the thrifted blazer with one of the Anthro tops.

Outfit 12-17

Okay, so that's a lot of shopping for one day, but I did pass up a lot of items that I was just so-so about. Pre 30 for 30 Kara might very well have bought something that she wasn't crazy about just because it was a good deal or a good brand. Post 30 for 30 knows better now. She's making a concentrated effort to only buy things that she truly loves and that will truly work with her wardrobe. Why did I slip into third person? That's creepy.

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