Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Final Thoughts

All Outfits

Use per item tally:
  • All shirts were worn twice, except for the chambray shirt (5), the stripe tee (6), and the floral blouse (3).
  • Both dresses worn once.
  • Black skinny jeans won pants category with 7.
  • Black skirt wins skirts with 5.
  • Black boots wins shoes with 10.
  • Navy blazer (4) just edges out grey (3) with lace well behind (1).
  • Yellow and stripe tie cardigan category (4) leaving red in the dust (2).

What I would have done different (clothing wise):
  1. Exchanged James Jeans for a pant with a different silhouette. All outfits with skinny jeans look more or less alike. I would have chosen a wide leg black trouser, something entirely different.
  2. Less shirts. Most were only worn twice, and some of those only because I forced myself to wear them a second time.
  3. Lose the lace blazer (only worn once) in exchange for a more causal topper.
  4. Lose the black dress (not as versatile as I would have hoped). Similar looks can be achieved with a black skirt.
Lessons I've learned:
  1. Limits encourage creativity. I chose bolder outfit combinations than I do when I have my entire closet at my disposal. When my wardrobe feels stale, I need to experiment with what I've got instead of rushing out to buy something new.
  2. Neutral aren't necessarily more versatile. I chide myself for buying so many crazy prints and colors, thinking, "These aren't versatile, I need to buy more neutrals." However, when it came to the 30 for 30, some of my neutral pieces were the ones I wore the least. I could have done without my black tank and also my black dress. They seemed like no-brainers when I added them, but in the end were not as useful as I had hoped.
  3. Shop in a more conscientious, thoughtful way. I need to stop using shopping as a hobby or pass time, and instead use it as a way to make wise additions to my wardrobe that will enhance, but not duplicate, what I already own.
  4. I need to thin out my current wardrobe. Less can be more. I'm starting by selling some of my closes here starting tomorrow.

It's funny, looking at all the outfits together, so many more combinations come to mind. Maybe I should have kept a big file with all the outfits the whole time.

Finally, did I cheat?

Perhaps, but only once. Last Saturday my mom and I went shopping. She bought me a few items for my birthday (which is coming up next week). I haven't worn any of them yet. Was it cheating? I don't know, you be the judge.

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