Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rule Breaker

Yes. I am wearing the same necklace two days in a row. I'm pretty sure that it's against the blogger code of conduct, but we've already established that I'm a bit of a fashion rebel. As long as I don't start wearing entire outfits two days in a row, I think I'll be okay.

As you've probably gathered by now, I'm a big proponent of second hand shopping. It's better for the environment, it's better for your wallet, and you can still dress well to boot (or even find boots). This skirt is second hand and I feel that is very on trend. It's hard to see from the photos, but it's sheer and pleated. Pleats are really big for Spring and I've seen similar skirts from Urban Outfitters and H&M. With enough patience I really think that you can find some version of every new trend second hand. It's actually a pretty good way to go. Trends come and go (the very definition of a trend) so why spend serious money on something that might not be in style next year? Thrift it!

Outfit 04.21.11 A

Tee - Gap
Skirt - Liz Claiborne, via Consignment
Boots - BCBGeneration
Necklace - Consignment
Belt - Flea Market
Bracelet - Mom'd

Outfit 04.21.11 B

Did I mention that this skirt is really pretty and flowy in the wind? It makes me feel very elegant, like a lady.

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