Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finding My Way

Sorry for the blog silence. I have been feeling sartorially challenged lately(among other things). Actually, I've been having a style identity crisis. I'm making a lot of decisions and big changes in my life, so maybe life uncertainty leads to style uncertainty.

I feel that some bloggers have a very distinctive personal style which gives their blog cohesion. I, on the other hand, sort of bounce all over the place. I've always chalked this up to "experimentation" and having fun with fashion, but maybe it's really just because I have no idea who I am stylistically. What do my bloggy friends think? Do you think my style is spastic or do you enjoy reading my blog to see what the heck I'm going to wear each day?

I would like to have a slightly more defined personal style. It would serve as a great filtering mechanism for what comes into my wardrobe. Even if it's cute and even if it fits, it doesn't have to come in unless it reinforces the stylistic image I'm trying to cultivate.

I know personal style is not something that can be determined in one day. And a style blog is actually the perfect place to work out exactly what my style is. I hope you join me in this journey. It could be a long one.

Outfit 04.19.11 A

Blouse - Banana Republic
Necklace - Gift from Sis
Skirt - Thrifted
Belt - Abercrombie and Fitch (the only thing I have left from high school)
Shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction via T.J. Maxx

Outfit 04.19.11 B

Speaking of personal style. I totally ripped off someone else's style for this outfit.

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