Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miracle of Miracles

So while I was on my 30 day shopping hiatus, something exiting happened. My local Goodwill turned into a "Half-Price Center". Everything is half off the regular Goodwill price. Skirts are $2.00 instead of $4.00, etc. I don't know if that means we'll be getting the rejects that don't sale at other stores, but I'm up for the challenge regardless.

My first shopping expedition yielded 6 pieces for $10.50, including a J.Crew striped button up and the silk shirt that I'm sporting today, both for $2.00 a piece.

Outfit 030511

Blouse - Jones New York (Thrifted)
Jeans - James Jeans (Anthropologie, $20!)
Shoes - Thrifted
Bracelet - Vintage, Mom'd
Belt - Vintage, Thrifted

This is another one of my affordable outfits. I'm pretty sure it rings up at $27.00, including shoes.

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