Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 for 30 Final Roundup

All Weeks

The Break Down:

How did each piece fare?

- Black Blazer beat out Camel Blazer by one wear (4 to 3)

- Mustard Cardi won with 4, while other sweaters had 2 or 3
- Blue Stripe Button Up won with 4 to the other Button Ups 3
- Green Blouse won 4 to other blouses' 3
- Stripe Tee won (5) just beating out Concert Tee (4)
- Jeans clear winner with 6
- Most skirts worn 3 times except Blue Stripe (2) and Black (1)
- Shoes neck and neck: Frye (10), Flats (9), Black Boots (8), except for Short Boots (3)

What I Would Have Done Differently:

- I could have done without the turtleneck. Who knew it was going to be 70 degrees in February?

- I would have picked less neutrals, probably leaving out the grey silk blouse and the black skirt.
- In place of neutrals, I would have picked one more colorful cardigan, a colorful skirt, and one more printed skirt. More color!

Which are your favorite outfits for the challenge? I like 3, 13, and 23, all the ones with colorful cardigans, of course.

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