Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bikes and Fishes

What do bikes and fishes have in common? Absolutely nothing! Except for the fact that they both make an appearance in my outfit today. Those little splotches on my sweater are actually people on bikes. If you don't believe me, check out the detail shot below my outfit photo. I purchased this sweater from my handy, dandy local "upscale, resale" shop. It was originally from Anthropologie and I snagged it for a cool 10 bucks.

The little fish necklace (also in the detail shot) is very special to me. It belonged to my grandma. I love vintage jewelry, but vintage jewelry that once belonged to a family member is tops.

Outfit 031711

Sweater - Moth via consignment (1st time out)
Shirt - Gap
Pants - Banana Republic
Flats - Naturalizer
Necklace - Vintage (Grandmother's)

Outfit 031711 Detail

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