Friday, February 24, 2012

Thrift Spoiled

After a year of restricted shopping, I've loosened the reins a bit. Despite more shopping freedom, I haven't done much buying. Y'all, I think I'm thrift spoiled. A year of mostly thrift shopping has me spoiled to thrift prices. I have done some browsing at various stores, but I find it hard to pull the trigger due to price versus quality. It's hard to justify spending $50 on a new polyester shirt of dubious quality when I know there is thrifted silk to be had for $4.

Does anyone else have this problem? I can still see the benefit in buying quality items. I love my black blazer from Banana Republic and anticipate wearing it for years to come. It was quite expensive when I bought it, especially compared to thrift prices, but I wear it frequently, it's high quality, and it makes me feel put together.

It's the middle ground where I have a problem. I feel like I get so much more value at a thrift store. Take this weeks finds. A wool pencil skirt, three leather belts, and a pair of vintage leather shoes (skirt, shoes, and one belt below). I purchased all five for $8.50. There is no way I could get new items of this quality for anywhere near that price. I might be able to get one of these items in a lesser material (polyester, vinyl, etc.) for $8.50 but even that is a stretch.

But a wool skirt for $2.50, a leather belt for $1.50, or leather shoes for $2.00?  Not going to happen new, only thrifted.  So what about you?  Are you thrift spoiled?


Cardigan - Banana Republic
Blouse - Gap
Skirt - Rafaella, Thrifted
Bracelet - Mom'd
Belt - Dockers, Thrifted
Shoes - Vintage, Thrifted

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