Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hana Flat Iron Review

Chances are I will never be a famous blogger.  I think it all hinges on the fact that I don't have blogger hair (or a DSLR).  I may eventually be able to afford a new camera, but no about of money will get me blogger hair.  You know what I'm talking about.  Long, full luscious hair with soft waves.  For one, my hair is baby fine and mostly straight.  Secondly, I love my sleep and refuse to wake up an hour earlier just to primp.

I do have a new secret weapon that will tide me over until stick straight hair is back in fashion.  The lovely people at Misikko sent me a new Hana Titanium Flat Iron.  I guess they got wind of all the bad hair days I've been having recently and decided to help a girl out.

2012-02-20 Hana Before

Before - Air dried hair.  It is a little wavy, but the waves don't hold.  (Also no make up.  It wouldn't be a proper before and after, if I didn't make it extra dramatic).

2012-02-20 Hana After

After - You are witnessing the results of maybe five minutes work with my new flat iron. I was very pleased with its performance. It heated up quickly and alerted you to this fact with a blinking red light.  The flat iron I received had a nice wide plate which made quick work of my hair.  

I was really impressed with the quality of the iron.  It was heavy duty, but not so heavy that it was hard to handle.  My hair ended up straight, shiny, and ready for a date night with my husband.   Maybe next time I'll attempt to use my iron to make blogger waves.  I've seen several tutorials online....

If you are thinking of buying a new flat iron, I highly recommend Hana for their professional quality irons. While on the Misikko site, be sure to check out their extensive collection of hair dryers as well.

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