Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fast Five - The Rules

Everyone seems to approve of the Fast Five as my new fashion diet, so I thought that I would lay out some ground rules for myself.

1.  All shopping must fit within my $25 per week budget.
2.  Additional money can be earned through resale shops, free-lancing, etc.
3.  No limits on thrifting or secondhand shopping (other than budgetary).
4.  Limited updating of basics with a focus on quality.
5.  Limited statement pieces (as budget allows).
6.  Shop locally first.  Purchase from national retailers only if not available locally.  
7.  Only five pieces of fast fashion per fashion season (Spring and Fall).
The hazy part of this challenge is the definition of terms. 

What is “fast fashion”? Is it anything from certain stores?  Anything under $50?  Anything under $25?  Anything off a clearance rack?  Anything that is “trendy”?  Perhaps this question is more personal.  Perhaps fast fashion is anything you buy that ends up having very little longevity in your closet. I think this really gets down to where you have a problem.  I tend to over buy at Old Navy and Target, but I'm not tempted by J.C. Penney.  I just never shop there.  Maybe fast fashion is from which ever stores are your "problem stores". 

What is a "basic"?  One girl's white tee shirt, may be another girl's red skinny jeans.  I think for this one I will stick to the classic definition, "simple pieces in neutral colors".   And yes, I consider "stripe" a neutral.

What is a "statement piece"?  For me, statement pieces are somewhere between fast fashion and basics.  These will be quality pieces that add interest to my wardrobe.  A top in a beautiful color or print, a killer pair of boots, items that I truly love and see having in my wardrobe for years.  

I’ll be doing weekly or biweekly posts on “Where did the Money Go?”  It will be like my “Thrift Finds”, but chronicling all my purchases. 

Starting Point:

Fun Money:  $46
Cash from Resale: $85
Visa Gift Card: $7.41
J.Crew Gift Card: $30.91

Total:  $169.32

Fast Five starts Monday.  After Jason Wu for Target.  Haha. 

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