Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From Blah to Blog-Worthy

For me a bad outfit day is just like a bad hair day.  I can get down right cranky.  Whether I'm in a hurry or the weather is dismal, from time to time I leave the house in something that makes me feel less than stellar.  Last week, I got to thinking.  Could some of these outfits be salvaged?  Maybe they only needed a little tweak, one switched item to make it work.  So here goes my experiment to take an outfit from blah to blog-worthy with just one swap.


Outfit 1 - Blah

So what's the problem with this outfit?  I'm wearing four pieces that are on the masculine side, the grandpa cardigan, the button-up shirt, the skinny pants, the brogues.  They also have a fitted silhouette which on my boyish figure, doesn't do me any favors. Lastly, the sweater has a bit of shade variation, but not enough interest to salvage this outfit.


Outfit 2 - Blog-Worthy

The simple fix?  I swapped out a skirt for the skinny pants.  The skirt adds a touch of feminine (it is a skirt after all) as well as a touch of interest with its pattern.  The shorter length and the slightly fuller shape balance out the snugness of the top.

So what do you think?  Does this one switch make a difference? Do you try to salvage blah outfits or just try to forget them?

Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Blouse - Jason Wu for Target
Skirt - Ann Taylor, Resale Shop
Brogues - Aldo

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