Friday, February 11, 2011

9 of 30

I guess this week has been unofficial "Inspiration Week" here on Unusual Form. Today is no exception. Below is a page that I cut out of one of the fall issues of Lucky Magazine. I am absolutely enamored with all of the outfits here. I've had this page hanging in my closet as inspiration for quite some time.

I've also been on the look out for the perfect camel blazer. I love the one featured here, but I can't really get over the $310 price tag. I checked all the usual suspects (Gap, J.Crew, Banana), but couldn't find just what I wanted. At the same time, I had my eye peeled for a second-hand option. I finally hit the jackpot a few weeks ago and found a vintage camel blazer at one of my local thrift stores. The best part, it was only $5.00.

Source: via Kara on Pinterest

Today I was inspired by the outfit in the upper right hand corner. I started out with an outfit that was fairly faithful to the original. It would have looked better if I was wearing heels, but I didn't include any in my 30 items.

Outfit 9B

The outfit looked okay, but didn't look quite as chic as the inspiration outfit. It felt a little "blah", so I deviated from the original and "Kara-fied" it. Add a patterned scarf and voila, an outfit that is "inspired" but still felt like me. I think this is a great example of taking an outfit as a base point for inspiration, and then making it work for you.

Outfit 9A

Blazer - Vintage, Thrifted
Blouse - Banana Republic
Jeans - Gap
Scarf - Banana Republic
Boots - Vintage
Accessories - Vintage

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