Tuesday, February 8, 2011

6 of 30 or Blazin'

Blogger Kara: Confidently rocked these bold tights all day.

Real Kara: Thought that her skirt was a teensy, weensy bit short for teaching so she took her outfit photos with the berry tights and then changed into black tights before she left for class, to better camouflage the length, or lack there of, of the skirt.

I'm back in all my bloggy glory today. Please don't judge me on the fact that I photograph one outfit, and then wear another one to class. If today was Wednesday (my day off), I would totally rock these berry tights all day long. I feel like some of the outfits I wear to class push the envelope as it is. I don't want them to be indecent as well. You have to imagine that all my colleagues wear all black, all the time. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one. If I wear a bright color, much less two different colors, in an outfit I definitely stand out. I don't mind standing out, but I definitely don't want to be censured for inappropriate clothing. Keeping it PG. That's what I'm all about.

Outfit 6

Blazer - Banana Republic
Original Fleetwood Mac Concert Tee - Mom'd
Skirt - Urban Outfitters (via Consignment)
Tights - Hue
Boots - Vintage Thrifted

Outfit 6 detail

This outfit is also part of Everybody, Everywear's Classic Blazer Tuesday. Head over there to check out everyone else's take on the Classic Blazer.

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