Friday, February 4, 2011

4 of 30 or Blah

I'm not feeling it today. This outfit. Life. I'm fighting a cold so that probably has some effect on my mood.

As you may notice, I'm back indoors. Yesterday, I got caught by our building's maintenance man. He was in the elevator as I was getting on at the 8th floor (I live on the 3rd), while I had a camera and tripod in my hand. He asked what I was doing (in a friendly way, not in an accusing way), but I got embarrassed and vaguely said I was taking photos on the roof.

He probably thinks I'm a nut or a terrorist surveying targets. I guess I felt that saying I take outfit shots to put on the internet sounds silly or vain. I know what I'm doing is not that (or at least not totally that) and that blogging outfits does have a much higher purpose, but I still felt embarrassed. Does anyone else feel this way? Guilty when caught photographing your outfits? A little silly or vain when you have to explain to someone else what you're doing? I need some reassurance here ladies.

Outfit 4

Blouse - Banana Republic
Turtleneck - Merona (Target)
Pants - Gap
Boots - Vintage
Necklace - Target
Belt - TJ Maxx

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