Monday, February 14, 2011

13 of 30 Happy Valentine's Day!

I didn't really think of Valentine's Day when I was picking out items for the 30 for 30 challenge. I knew I wouldn't have a date. My boyfriend lives on the other side of the state. Hi Sweetie! (He never reads these things.) Anyway, I picked out the most Valentine-esque outfit I had in my 30 items. I was going for a mix between sweet and va va va voom. I think hot pink is actually a better color for the holiday versus the traditional red, much more unexpected.

Note the blindingly white bare legs (I actually toned them down some in Photoshop). Last Wednesday, it snowed several inches. Today it was 70 degrees and I ran the AC in my car. If you don't like the weather in Arkansas stick around a few days, it will change.

Outfit 13

Cardigan - Banana Republic
Skirt - Kimchi Blue (via consignment)
Flats - Banana Republic
Necklaces - Simply Vera Vera Wang (Kohl's)
Belt - Gap
Bracelet - Vintage

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