Monday, October 31, 2011

Guest Post - Liz of 26 and Counting

I asked a few lovely ladies from around the web to be virtual guests at my wedding.  This week while I'm sunning on a Bahamian beach, these ladies will share with you what they "wore" to my wedding.  Hopefully you'll get some great ideas about what to wear to a fall wedding.  First up is Liz from 26 and Counting.

10.6.11 c
{Dress: H&M, Belt: J Crew, Flower Pin: Old Navy, Shoes: Bandolino}
10.6.11 e
10.6.11 d
10.6.11 b
10.6.11 a
Hey everyone, I’m Liz! I’m usually over at 26 and Counting, but today I’m really excited to be a virtual guest at Kara’s wedding! We go way back….a few 30x30 challenges back. In honor of Kara’s vintage {seriously how does she find all of those amazing thrifted pieces? I’m jealous over here} aesthetic I opted for this whimsy, polka dot dress. While it’s not exactly vintage, I think it’s definitely vintage-inspired. Add a nice big flower pin {I’m obsessed, okay!?} and I’m good to dance the night away at the reception.

Thanks for having me Kara! And congratulations on what I’m sure was a fabulous wedding!

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