Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Power Coat

The weather is still so yucky. The last two days I've had to use the flash which I hate. Below is the outfit that I wore to church on Sunday and to teach today. Once again recycled outfits for different groups of people.

This dress in one of my new favorites. It's vintage Liliane Burty, made in Paris, France. Oh la la! It is probably 70s with a 40s style. I bought it at a high-end consignment store, which is a place you don't necessarily expect to see vintage. It was a little more than I normally pay for vintage, but it was still reasonable, and definitely worth it.

Outfit 01.18.11

Dress - Vintage Liliane Burty (consignment)
Turtleneck - Merona (Target)
Heels - Kenneth Cole (TJ Maxx)
Necklace - Vintage, Grandma'd
Belt - Vintage

Outfit 01.18.11 Detail

The necklace I'm wearing is actually out of my grandma's craft stash. Well, one person's craft supply is another person's new vintage necklace.

Red Coat

Finally, the long awaited debut of the red Pendleton coat. I wore this for the first time while visiting my boyfriend. When he first saw me in the coat he said, "Wow, if you went to an interview in that coat, they would just give you the job. You wouldn't even have to talk." This means a lot coming from a guy who really doesn't notice if I'm wearing sweats or a prom dress. The coat is definitely a "Notice Me" color and I did feel quite powerful in it. You've heard of the power coat. This is my power coat.

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