Thursday, January 13, 2011

(Not) New Stuff

I've been a busy, busy little bee. The good news: NNNY is well on track. The bad news: my budget is not.

This past weekend I visited my boyfriend in a different part of the state. This meant the opportunity check out new shops and also some old shops I haven't been to lately.

Grey Dog Vintage

The new shop I was most excited about was Grey Dog Vintage Boutique. It's the cutest vintage shop, set up in, appropriately enough, a vintage Airstream trailer. I had a hard time choosing from all the great pieces, but finally settle on a yellow color scheme. Most of the pieces have been altered to give them a more modern look. If you are ever in the Northwest Arkansas region be sure to check out Grey Dog Vintage. The selection is great and so are the prices.

I wore the yellow dress to dinner with friends on Saturday night. It was really cold in NWA and I hadn't packed properly. I knew I was going to need to buy some tights. I wanted to stick with my goal of "Nothing New in the New Year", but thought that legwear, like underwear, was probably something everyone would urge me to not purchase used. Amazingly, between TJ Maxx and Dillard's, I found several options that are actually made in the USA. If you are also interested in supporting our country through American made legwear, check out Hue, Hot Sox, and Spanx.


What does one do when one's boyfriend goes to work and leaves one in a house with no cable or internet? Go shopping of course. No day would be complete without a trip to Goodwill. In this case a large, clean, well-organized one. I ended up with a Fair Isle cardigan and a velvety skirt that needs to be shortened.

Antique Mall

My final stop was an antique mall that I haven't been to in a while. I got a matching set of English biscuit tins. These make for a great colorful storage option. I also picked up three pieces of vintage jewelry. Lately, I've been wanting some bold bracelets. I saw some cute ones while I was a Dillard's, but they were all made in China and over $20, even on sale. All three of these beauties combined rang up for well less than $20.

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