Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Before and After

Another before and after for you. I'm on a roll.

Ever since the last 30 for 30, I've been wanting to try out the whole shorts and tights trend. I was never able to find any winter shorts I liked last year. Since I've been doing "Nothing New in the New Year", I've been on the lookout for some that I could thrift. I've also been looking for wool pants that I could cut off. I've had zero luck so far, but I finally hit the jackpot.

On my expedition yesterday, I decided to stop at a thrift store that I rarely shop, because they had 50% off the entire store. I found the perfect pants to cut off, wool J.Crew for $2.00. They looked decent as is, but I didn't feel bad cutting them off, because someone had hemmed them previously and had done a total hack job.

Before and After Shorts

Snip, snip. Hem, hem. Cuff, cuff. New shorts!

Edit: If you want my actual length equation, here it is.

Length that you want + (2 x desired width of cuff) + 1 inch

I can give more detail instructions if anyone would like them.

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