Monday, January 31, 2011

Let the Madness Begin

All Items 30 for 30

The results are in: my final choices for the next round of 30 for 30. As an extra challenge, I tried to pick 30 different items than the first time around. I only have 4 repeats, my skinny black pants and three pairs of shoes.


2 Blazers - Black (Banana Republic), Camel (Vintage, Thrifted)


5 Sweaters - Fuchsia (Banana), Mustard (Anthro), Navy (Eddie Bauer), Grey (Gap), Blue (Vintage, Thrifted)

Button Ups

3 Button-Ups - Denim (J.Crew), Plaid (Converse), Striped (J.Crew) All from Plato's Closet


4 Blouses - All Banana Republic


3 Tees - Turtleneck (Target), Striped (Anthro), Original Fleetwood Mac (Vintage, Mom'd)


Skirt - 1-3 (Vintage, Thrifted, Altered), 4-6 (Urban Outfitters)


3 Pants - Jeans (Gap), Black (Gap), Olive (J.Crew)


4 Shoes -Flats (Banana), Boots L to R (Thrifted, Frye, Thrifted)

I did apply my "lessons learned" from last time, to my picks for this time. I picked extra neutral toppers, no dresses, and pants in three distinct colors (still all skinny though, old habits die hard).

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