Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thrift Finds For The Week

This week our new Goodwill turned a month old.  Do you know what that means? They now begin 50% off color of the week.  The first tag color was green.  Luckily all my finds were green, so they were all 50% off.

Can you tell I'm getting ready for fall?  Boots last week, turtleneck, sweater, and blazer this week.

Thrift Finds 2011-09-03 A

Blazer - Vintage, Goodwill, $2.50
Turtleneck - J.Crew, Goodwill, $1.00
Silk Skirt - The Limited, Goodwill, $1.75
Sweater Shell - Vintage, Goodwill, $1.75

Total: $7.00

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