Saturday, September 24, 2011

Second-Hand Shower Attire

No official "Thrift Finds for the Week" today.  I will however share with you the second-hand dresses I wore to my showers last weekend.  The first photo comes from my church shower.  The lovely ladies pictured with me are my mom and my grandma (dad's mom).  Note that I have my mom's chin and my grandma's (and also my dad's) nose.  I'm not that much taller than my mom and grandma, I'm just the only one in heels.

Showers 015

Cardigan - Gap
Dress - Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Resale Shop
Necklace - Vintage, Great Aunt's
Belt - Thrifted
Corsage - Made by a lady in the church

Showers 026

This second photo is from my family shower at my aunt's house, also featuring my grandma.

Cardigan - Loft
Dress - Vintage, Thrifted
Corsage - Made by my cousin

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