Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Casual Friday on Tuesday

In case you haven't noticed, I'm blogging a day behind (or two since yesterday was a holiday). It's much easier to schedule posts that way. Anyway from now on my casual Friday outfits will be featured on Monday and really who couldn't use a little reminder of the beginning of the weekend as the beginning of the week approaches.

I live in a college town, actually the college that I attended. As football season approaches, our team has requested that everyone wear red (our team color) on Friday to show our support. Despite the fact that I went to school here for five years (architecture is a five year program), I have very little red in my closet, and very little team gear for that matter.  You are looking at one of the few solid red tops I own.

I guess if I ever find those red jeans, then I'll have two red pieces.

Blouse - French Connection, TJ Maxx (Unblogged) 
Jeans - Gap 
Flats - Calvin Klein, Dillard's 
Jewelry - Vintage

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