Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer in the South - Outfit 3

Why is it that during the 30 for 30, when I need to get the most wear out of my clothes, I always manage to drop food on my them? Wednesday was tacos on white pants. Yesterday was ketchup on my skirt. Now both have to be washed. Boo. I guess I need to start eating with a bib or something.

Outfit 3A

Tank - J.Crew
Shorts - Mossimo, Target
Sandals - Lucky, Dillard's
Necklace - Simply Vera, Kohl's

Outfit 3B

I need to figure out the best time to take outfit photos, these were taken around 9:00 AM and I look really washed out. Any advice? When's the best time to take outfit photos time-wise? Should I try to avoid direct sunlight? Would that make me a vampire?

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