Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, Oh It's Magic

Who likes $10 Anthro? Me, me, me, me, me!!! (I'm waving my hand around like a second grader who knows the answer. Yes, I was that kid.) This dress did in fact originally come from Anthropologie and I did in fact pay 10 little buckaroos for it. It was previously owned by another person, but they took good care of it. How it sat around long enough in a resale shop to make it to the "50% of the sale price" rack is beyond me.

I have in fact found several Anthro pieces at this particular "high-end" resale shop, but I've never found any Anthro while actually thrifting. Well, I did find one navy skirt, but it was faded, so I passed it up. Has anyone ever found Anthro or some equally exciting brand while thrifting? The best I ever find is J.Crew or Banana. Well, there was one vintage Oscar de la Renta skirt...that was pretty exciting.

Outfit 06.09.11

Dress - Odille, via resale shop
Necklace - Urban Outfiters
Bracelet - Mexico
Sandals - T.J.Maxx

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