Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goodwill Was Good To Me

Stopped again today at the Goodwill close to school. I usually have good luck there getting wacky vintage fabric that no one else in the area could possible want and today was no exception. I found the fabric samples pictured above. There are four of them and they are all different color variations of the same print. The guy at the checkout couldn't categorize them, so rang them up as napkins, $0.49 for all four. The fabric is in excellent condition and will work great for some kind of crafty project. Bright blue strawberries. Ha!

My next find was this vintage mu mu. I absolutely love the pattern, especially the color. The fabric is really crisp, so I don't think that this has ever been worn, or at least not very much. Haven't quite decided what to do with this little beauty just yet. I was thinking of cutting it of short, altering the sleeves and making it into a sundress. I also considered cutting off the bottom half to make a skirt. The fabric would be great for just about anything. At $1.49, it's a steal.

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