Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Day, Another Thrifting Adventure

Today I went to a new thrift store that opened further out of town. This thing was huge! We're talking like half an old Wal-Mart or something. It was clean and really well organized. All the clothing was divided into categories and sizes. You rarely see that. I made another good score on vintage linens. Set of vintage napkins above.

Two vintage flat sheets which happened to be 50% of today. I got both of them for $3.00. Where else can you get so much fabric for so little money? Okay, maybe a Methodist rummage sale, but that is it.

Vintage pillowcases. They were $1.00 a piece. Perfect for projects that you need just a bit of fabric. Please excuse the dark streaks across the pictures. I really need to clean my windows, but that is difficult three-stories up.

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