Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where the Magic Happens

This is where all the magic happens. My sewing nook is set up in my childhood bedroom (awwww!). The desk is a $25.00 vintage find, which I hauled home from an Opelika, AL thrift store in the back of my Toyota Celica. Still not sure how that worked out.

My grandmother purchased the sewing machine at a yard sale and gave it to my mother way back in the day. I call her "Avi" (after avocado green ) and she's still going strong.

The Eames shell chair is also vintage, rescued by my uncle from the hospital dumpster. Apparently our local hospital used to have tons of these and over the years, one by one, they have been pitched. The other accessories are from various rummage sales/flea markets.

The last special piece is the painting with a bird to the right of the window. My parents commissioned this piece for me as a graduation-from-architecture-school-present. The artist is one of my friends and former professor, Laura Terry. Check out her work at her website and her Etsy store.

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